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Rashida Jones Daily

For your daily dose

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Daily pictures of Rashida Jones.

From screencaps to photoshoots to magazine scans and much more, a picture of Rashida will be posted once a day, every day.
01. Pictures only! Please direct all icons, graphics and news to rashidaaaa.

02. Please don't post any pictures larger than 500 pixels in width outside of an LJ-Cut. Additionally, if you're posting more than one large image under the cut, please use thumbnails whenever possible.

03. Feel free to join in any time! Whether random picspams, posting pictures now and then, or comment discussions, I'd love for this commmunity to be somewhat active. Or you could just look at the pretty every day.
» Your mod is melloniel, who decided to finally set this comm up after almost a month of posting Daily Rashida pictures in her LJ. Feel free to email or message me at any time; my contact info is available on my LJ profile. You can also comment on any of my posts in the comm.

» Picture credits go to rashidaaaa, Rashida Jones Fan & Rashida-Jones.org. Layout is by minty_peach.

» Affiliates: daily_pace, daily_friel
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